• Worbla workshop and craft foam

    Worbla workshop and craft foam

    You don't have enough experience with these materials? The reserve a seat in this workshop to learn new tricks. Send a mail to [email protected] (subject: workshop )

  • November is rainy and cloudy month.If you join this shorter workshop, maybe we will lure some sun into our weekend festival with the teru-teru bouzu dolls. Workshop is easy, perfect even for the smallest visitors ^.^

  • Workshop kazari-kiri

    Workshop kazari-kiri

    If you like good food and believe in a bauty of the serving itself as well, this workshop is going to please you. Sandra will teach you how to make an extraordinary eye-feast out of an ordinary raw material.

  • Coubs Loops

    Coubs Loops

    The endless spirals of music and recurring videos, so can be described briefly the world phenomenon of Coub. If you have a creative spirit, then do not hesitate and dive into the world infinite.