• Tickets presale in Funtastic!

    Tickets presale in Funtastic!

    You haven't gpt time to buy a ticket on inviton.sk presale? Or you don't havea bank account? We have a solution for you...

  • Cosplay


    If you have no idea what cosplay is don’t fret, you’ll find explanation in following lines. The word ‚cosplay‘ is a combination of two words and those are ‚costume‘ and ‚play‘. The first one is pretty self-explanatory, it’s about the costume of a certain character, but it’s not just any Halloween costume without any point. What makes cosplay different is the second word ‚play‘ which means, that you should not only look like your character, but act like them too - you try to be your character. Cosplayers become some kind of multi artists, who beside sewing and making the costumes and props also perform, try to act as their character, for what you definitely need to be a bit creative! Cosplayers try to present their character as best as they can in all the possible ways.

  • Karaoke


    Do you enjoy singing? If you never skip an anime opening to sing along with, do not hesitate and come to show us your favourite song on our stage! The competition is not just to show off your singing skills, but also to impress and entertain the audience. So you can improve your performance by videoclip, dance or you may invite your friends as support on stage. Every effort is certainly appreciated!

  • Recruitment of lecturers

    Recruitment of lecturers

    If you are interested in giving lectures or leading workshops at Nipponfest and share your passion for japanese culture, register ...

  • Date of 2016 convention

    Its here... The time has come to announce the date of your favourite convention for this year. Open your calendars and mark these dates 11.11, 12.11 and 13.11.2016

  • AMV Contest

    AMV Contest

    The annual challenge of film directors and editors is here again! If you want to measure your strength with other rivals you have got the chance.