Coubs Loops

The endless spirals of music and recurring videos, so can be described briefly the world phenomenon of Coub. If you have a creative spirit, then do not hesitate and dive into the world infinite.

Competition rules

The principle of the competition is simple. Gradually, the authors' videos will be published on the festival's website. Subsequently, people will be able to watch videos and then vote for the most popular video. The videos with most votes wins.

  • Coubs can only be created using the page (since the site has a built-in editor for creating videos, it's very easy to create your own Coub.) It also offers a simple manual for beginners: new-editor)
  • It has to be own creation. It is forbidden to use the „recoub“ functionality. So it is forbidden to completely overtake an already existing Coub.
  • Authors can compete in three categories. Each author can have up to 3 videos in one category, max 9 videos 

Worlds collide (Our world meets the animated world, Coub will contain anime / manga scenes or custom drawings with non-animated scenes or scenes from the real world, see examples at the end of the page.) 
Those infinite moments (Coub can contain picture material only from anime / manga source. The category is focused on moments and sketches that won't get off your mind easily :)) 
Story about… (Coub expressing the story of something.) For more inspiration, see the videos at the bottom of the page.

  • Coubs must be created as „Unlisted“ so that they can only be accessed via a direct line.
  • The organizer reserves the right to exclude videos that would violate the rules of good manners or SR (promotion of fascism, excessive violence, …).
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the rules if necessary.

How the contest will proceed

It is a web contest. After creating the video, the authors will send a link to a video that should have approximately the following format „“ at [email protected] with the subject of the message Coubs Loops and registration data:

  • Name and Surname of the author:
  • Nick (optional):
  • Coub Category:
  • Link to video:

The videos will be published on the festival page. The voting notice will be published after the last video has been published. Consequently, audiences / the public will be able to vote for the best of each category through a social network or other form of voting. Details and information will be made public later on.

Contact Details

In case of questions, please feel free to contact the contest coordinator at the following address: [email protected]

Registration end date

5th November 2017

Competition videos

Worlds collide


Those infinite moments


Story about…